Monday, November 10, 2014

Mosquito Repellent, Sunscreen, and Prayer

Hello Everyone!!

         So, everyone had lots of questions, so I`ll do my best to describe my day to day life and share my experiences of this week. Sorry I don`t have pictures today but I am positive I will have more next week. 

         Well, we study a lot in the morning but it never feels like enough! Still, it really helps to practice the lessons ("citas") with my companion. We try to do this with our specific investigators in mind. My companion is so sweet, and she is in her last transfer here, so she has some experience. She is tired a lot, but we both are. I've also been able to open up to her when I have needed to. For example yesterday I was feeling down because I just wanted to be able to fix everyone's problems - we had just taken some food with the Relief Society presidency to some investigators who really have so little. It's really sad, but Hermana Molina reminded me that the most important thing that we, as missionaries, can do is bring people the gospel.

          Some people don't like that but we still try. :)

          We try to talk to at least 30 people every day - in the streets and such. We mostly walk, and walk, and walk. But sometimes we take a taxi or the bus. It's harder for me to talk to people on the bus because it's so loud, but I will learn. 

         I'm still adjusting to life here, but there are poeple here to help with that. One Hermana, se llama Fanny, in the ward made us dinner three or four times this week! Usually its some variation of tortillas, rice, beans, eggs, platanos (similar to a banana) and vegitables. I haven't really had anything that I haven't liked yet. Hermana Molina and I are doing our best to eat healthy :)

         Some of you asked about Indira, the girl down the street. Well, we are still working with her. She was actually the first person that I asked to be baptized. She said yes, but it's difficult because a lot of people her age go to the university on Sunday, and she needs to come to church first. I think she will, but I don't know when. 

        We also received a reference from a member about this really great family - la familia Pool - we met them the other day, and I love them a lot. Magda Pool is so sweet and is really looking to find the truth. They're a great family but I know that the gospel will help them become more united. 

        One of the hardest things from this week was teaching this senior catholic couple. It was hard because my testimony was tested, but it was even harder because they really are great people and we've visited them a few times and I just care about them a lot. 

        After our most recent lesson with them I told Hermana Molina, "Someday we're all going to look back on this and laugh" (because I resally think that they will accept the fulness of the gospel someday) and Hermana Molina said, "Yes. After we're baptized for them." It was so funny, but really it's one of my biggest challenges right now. But everything will work out. 

        My companion does speak English, thankfully. She learned in school and actually went to BYU in Provo (and will go there after), so I will probably be able to see her when I get back! Or maybe she'll drop by for Christmas and say hi :) Or maybe she'll be at her house in San Pedro (Honduras). I've heard that we will be able to skype for Christmas :)

       We're trying to work with the members more. And not just less activies but throughout the day we try to just stop by for 10 minutes or so. The first visit we ask them how they joined the church or their testimonies and tell them more about us. The second visit we are supposed to ask  them to pray about who is ready for the gospel, and the third visit we are supposed to aks for references. This is part of a system that Elder Duncan (70) has asked us to do here. And we've already seen blessings from it. We recieved references that we probably wouldn't have received otherwise. 

     I have not gotten sick, just to let you know. It's hot here, but we drink a lot of water. 2 - 3 liters a day. I use mosquito repelent and sunscreen and prayer. The people are usually receptive, but many are very devout in their faith. I reread Elder Oaks talk from conference about living with others of different beliefs, and after our lesson with the catholic couple, I thought about how that applies to them, too. They have to live with our differences, too. The important thing is to remember that Heavenly Father knows all truth, He knows every person on this earth. And He does answer our prayers.

     I'm really grateful for this time that I've had to stop and think about all the blessings that I've seen. It's been tough but we really are blessed in this work. Thanks for all the emails and prayers! I love you all so much!

Hermana Hogge

P.S. I didn't talk about the language. Honestly I'm still lost, but I'm learning. Sometimes it opens people's hearts a little. Maybe because they feel sorry for me :) But really, my companion is great - when we are walking down the street I can expect her to say "Vocabulario" or "Verbos" Sometimes my brain is like noooo! But I'm grateful for it, really. Ok. I should probably go soon, but I love you all lots! Keep me posted about your lives and such! And always be strengthening your testimony! 
Love, Hermana Hogge. 

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