Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Uniting Eternal Families

Buenas Tardes, todos!

This last week - well for the past six weeks really - we have been working with various less active members. But I´m here to tell you that there is hope for anyone and everyone. Similar to my last area, we have been working with a member named Marta. What´s different is that this Marta is a recent convert. After conference, we went straight with her on Sunday and shared from the message that talked about the parable of the prodigal son.  During that lesson I felt it had power. I knew the Spirit was there, and that it was talking to her. She resolved to go to church this Sunday and she did!

We were also blessed to have a baptism this last Saturday. I realize I probably haven´t talked about Hermana Suyapa that much, but she´s been our investigator for a few weeks - that is to say, of Hermana Araujo and I. She´s really been an investigator for many years, and her entire family are already members. But, now was just her time. She´s always kind to us, and she´s a loving mother. Recently she was able to put some things in her life in order, and now she is attending with her whole family.

Hermana Suyapa and us‏

​This is really what it´s all about, Uniting Eternal Families!!! I was really happy in this moment ;)
Also, Hermana Arango told me that two of our investigators, two young women and sisters,that we were teaching in Choluteca were baptized this saturday as well and are going to be attending seminary! 

Eternal Families are the goal. Everyone has a different situation. But I know that if we make a conscious and faithful effort to have an Eternal Family, that Heavenly Father will help us, because that is His eternal goal as well. 

As for the adventures that we saw this last week, well, they might be a little embarrassing for me, so I hope you enjoy. :) 

One in particular occured on Friday. First, I need to tell you a little about our house. When you walk out the door, you walk down some stairs to a large gate (our apartment is connected with a few others). For the door and the gate, you need keys. So, hypothetically, if someone walks out the door, closes it, and doesn´t have the keys, this person would, hypothetically, be locked in. Locked out of the house, but locked inside the gate, to wait among the flowers and papaya plants until someone could open the gate.

       The only thing is that wasn´t hypothetical. . . Hermana Hogge is a little forgetful sometimes. Unfortunately our landlady and the other hermanas that live next door were in Tegucigalpa. So we were there, studying our scriptures and practicing English for about four hours. But, I learned my lesson. Always make sure you have the keys.

        Yesterday Hermana Araujo and I were followed, by a dog. Obviously it had an owner but we didn´t know who. It was a big dog but very sweet. We believe it was our little helper, taking care of us until we got safely home. 
        Well, like every six weeks, transfers always come. I am 99% sure I´m staying here, but it´s possible that Hermana Araujo leaves this week, she´s been here a while. I feel like this change went by very fast, and that I´ve learned a lot about making mistakes and learning from them, patience, faith and hope. I´m so grateful for the restored gospel and love it so much. 

        One thing I would encourage all to do is enjoy the talks from this month´s Liahona. Or Ensign... whichever you read. They are very inspired. Today I have been enjoying the talk by President Packer "The Savior´s Selfless and Sacred Sacrfice"  We are all invited to not justify our sins but come unto Christ, and be perfected in Him. I also really liked "It isn´t a sin to be weak" that gave me comfort as I am trying to be better. Anyway, I invite all to read them, they´re awesome. 

        Thanks for the updates and pictures and prayers! 

All my love,
         Hermana Hogge

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