Monday, August 24, 2015

Choose Joy

Hello Friends and Family,

I don´t have as much time as normal today. Things have been a little different and slightly hectic. This last week were changes (transfers) and Hermana Aguiñada was called to another area. Sadly, I said goodbye to her on Wednesday. President Bowler shook my hand before the meeting started, smiled, and asked Are you ready to trian (again?) I said yes. What I didn´t know is that I would be receiving a mini misionera, Hermana Ferman. But, only for five days. Or, that is to say, she left today. She is from Choluteca and has a calling for the Dominican Republic and leaves next month, but hasn't been set apart as a misionary yet. She´s really great, is a convert to the church, and I know she will do excelent. Right now I´m in San Lorenzo (about 20 minutes from Nacaome) in a trio while I wait for another mini misionara who will be here on wednesday. So, that´s been my week. It´s been interesting. But good. 

Also, good news. My former companion Hermana Platero told me on Wednesday in changes that - you might remember how I told you that her father wasn´t a member? Well, he is now! Her father was baptised this months :) I was so happy for her!

       The best part of this week was the conference we had on Saturday. For a few weeks we´ve waited in anticipation to receive the counsel from one of the Apostles of the Lord. Elder Nelson took time to shake the hands of each and every misionary from Honduras Tegucigalpa and Comayaguela. I felt very fortunate to be there. I know that the Lord cares about misionary work very much. Among various things that Elder Nelson shared - about eternal marriage, teaching your companion your language, and working with the ward mision leader - what stood out to me was his testimony of the atonement and the need that we have to bring the love of Jesus Christ to the people. And to really know and teach God´s Plan of Happiness so that they can be with their families forever. 

          I love this gospel and I am very grateful to be apart of this work. I´m learning a lot - sometimes it´s dificult. But in this conference we also had the oportunity to listen to President and Hermana Duncan  from the area 70 of Central America. Hermana Duncan taught about choosing joy. The mision isn´t easy, but she reminded us that life isn´t easy either, and we can choose to be obedient, clean, grateful - we can choose joy. Though there are many things beyond our control, we can work on and discover what is within our control. 

           I love you all very much and hope you have a wonderful week!

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