Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Continuing in Choluteca!

Dear Family and Friends,

       Tuesday morning Hermana Arango and I were crossing our fingers that we would both be able to stay in Choluteca and, thankfully, we were. Changes were on Wednesday (as they are every six weeks), but we stayed in our area like normal. 

      We´re studying the Book of Mormon as a mission and Hermana Arango and I are actually in about the same part. It´s interesting to share what we´ve learned from our personal study. I want to testify that I know that by doing the small things, especially studying the word of God daily, we can keep ourselves closer to Him and be blessed with miracles. There are days in the mission where studying isn´t scheduled out like normal, like on Sundays where we have church and weekly planning and appointments with people. But as I´ve tried to do a little more, I´ve found that it keeps my mind more positive and I´ve been able to work through things better.

      On Thurdsay, my companion and I were sick to our stomaches. We´re not sure exactly where we got it, but thankfully it didn´t last too long. We still went to our zone meeting that day and received a blessing, so that helped a lot. 

       There are a lot of new faces in the zone, which is fun. We´re still praying at five to be more unified and see miracles. 

     This week one of our miracles was finding a few new investigators. One is an older couple, Suyapa and Gonzalo, and Gonzalo is the brother of a Brother in the ward. We´ve talked to them before but it´s been hard to have a lesson with them. .  But, we were passing by their house Wednesday, they were home and the brother was there. I don´t know what the lesson would have been like without him. He has a powerful testimony. We were also able to visit the wife, Suyapa,on Saturday and she accepted a baptismal date for next month. We still have some work to do with them though.  We also have a new investigator named Erika who is 11 and very sweet. I don´t know how we haven´t met her or her family before because they live close but they were visiting Melissa one day and she already wants to be baptised. We´ll have to teach her very well to help her understand everything, but she´s very smart and we´re happy to be teaching her. I just hope we can teach more of her family. 

      Saturday was wonderful. Naturally I was nervous before, but Melissa´s baptism was very beautiful. She´s on the path and that´s so so important and it just filled me up with happiness!  We´ve worked hard, but I know that there would have been no conversion without the Spirit, without the Book of Mormon, without hymns and praryers and  going to church. These things become a pattern of life and it becomes who we are. 

       Some of our investigators have been hard to find because of their work or because they don´t do the simple things. Some straight up tell us they don´t want to listen anymore. But Life Is Good and there is so much to be thankful for. 

      A Big Happy Birthday to my awesome brother, Miles! Can´t believe you´re 17!  And to everyone else, I Love you and hope that everything with school and work and auditions goes well and you still have time to pray and eat and work and have fun together! 


Hermana Hogge

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