Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Finding Yuris

My Dear Family and Friends!

Sometimes I sit down to the computer and think, what on earth even happened this last week? 

     Oh, yes. Tuesday we had a meeting, more or less, with  the other sisters in our region about clothes and being representatives of Jesus Christ as we go out teaching. It was also fun to get together with the other sisters. 

This week we´ve been doing an exercise program with the DVD T25 and so I´ve been sore for a few days, with the other sisters in our ward, but I feel that it helps keep me energized throughout the day. 

          I can´t remember which day it was (actually i think it was last saturday) that our house did´t have water and we had to go the apartment of the other hermanas to shower. Fortunately they live close. Unfortunately they also live with cuckarachas. One of them  found me after I took a shower and I yelled! The other hermanas were wondering what happened to Hermana Hogge. Hermana Arango just laughs at my phobia, but at least I know I´ve got a comp that can kill them. It was big, though! Bigger than my thumb. 

         Ok, so there´s my bug story.
         Other stories this week include:

         Finding Yuris! 
           Yuris we met weeks back at her work, selling fried chicken on the side of the main road. She invited us to sit down when we just were trying to talk to her, so we did and we´ve had a few lessons since. But, she´s not working there now and her phone hasn´t been working. So we lost her for about two weeks. And we´ve been praying to find her. And on thursday, after one of our visits fell through and we were feeling a little down, there she was riding her bycicle! We had a lesson with her in a nearby park and caught up with her. She agreed to come to church again. Unfortunately, she did´nt come. So, we´re back to finding. But, we have faith that we can find her again!

          We actually didn´t have any investigators in church this week, but we did see progress in some less actives! One is a woman who hasn´t been active for 10 years! She said she just didn´t feel the desire to go to church, which made us sad, but we always felt the Spirit and worked with her for weeks, and this week she came to sacrament meeting!

           Today we had an activity with our region - five zones! We played dodgeball and I lost a lot but it was fun! 

           I know that prayer works. I know that we can receive help and be able to do things beyond our own strength. I also know that if I rely solely on my own strength, It´s hard to accomplish much. But when I recognize that I it was through the powers of heaven that we were able to do something, I know Who to thank for it. 

Me, Hermana Arango, Melissa, her daughter Genesis, her neighboor that baptized her, and a random child that decided to be in the picture! Fine by me. It was a very happy day. 

  Congrats to Lauren and Lincoln and also to the Day-Miller family! I wish all the best for you!
  I love you all so much! Go and have an awesome week!!!


Hermana Hogge

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