Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pancakes Makes Progress!!...or something like that

The Lord said that he would hasten His work in His time. I know that is absolutely true, and can also say that it seems He also hastens His time in His work, because it feels like last monday was yesterday. 
Hope you all had a beautiful Dia de Amor y Amistad. 

Last Tuesday we had a great zone conference. We have some new Golden Rules and were reminded to always always use our time - the Lord's time - more wisely. We also got a surprsie and got to watch Meet the Mormons! That was fun. I hope you've all seen it, because it's really good.  That day we had lots of meetings, but the rest of the week was work, work, work. But it was very good.

On Wednesday we had divisions and I got to work in a trio in the area of the other hermanas in our ward (one sister training leader, one of the hermanas from that area, and me). It was cool to meet the investigators and less active members there to know them better. 

On Saturday we took a bus to our farthest area, Palomar, and talked to a ton of people, trying to find a less active member who lives really far away! We didn't end up finding her (the directions here in this land are...not easy to follow. You keep going straight, straight, straight until you turn the corner at the house with three trees outside and then turn right and there's a dog outside of a house with a red gate, etc.) But, we did get to talk to a lot of poeple adn some are more positive than others. 

We're working with Erika, a 12 year old in our neighboorhood who is really sweet and we are trying to work with more members of her family. We ended up teaching her brother, too, and he's pretty receptive. 
We weren't able to visit Delmy this week but kept in touch through the phone. She didn't come to church yesterday and we still aren't sure why but we'll keep working with her. Sometimes people just need us or some members to stop by and take them with us, so they can know they won't be alone. We did that with some investigators this week - actually we made them breakfast, because there are a lot of people in that house and it's kind of crazy! But it was fun to make them pancakes while they made coffee and got ready for church (in all fairness, we haven't taught them the Word of Wisdom yet).  We were offered coffee the other day, it was kind of weird.  They didn't know we don't drink it, but they were respectiful when we explained :) 
making pancakes Sunday morning to bring people to church!! It works :)

We're always finding new people - two of our new investigators turned out to be good friends. We had no idea, but we found both of them within a few days of eachother and now we're going to teach them together - Gabriella and Yessica. Gabriella is a cousin of a member, so that's good too! Unfortunately, she has work some sundays. That's always hard, especially when they're positive and want to come but can't.
We're also working with a young man, Ariel, that is trying to quit smoking. We taught him wiht our ward mission leader who used to have similar problems. He was also able to give him a priesthood blessing. Up to now, things are going well, and he hopefully can be baptized in the beginnig of march. 

Melissa is still going through some rough times. Prayers in her behalf in helping her find a better job! 
Today we went to the beach, my third time, but it's always nice to sit in the hammocks and play phase ten with other missionaries :) 

I really have loved and am very grateful for my time her, for my companion and for the people I've come to know.  and I love all of you!! Thanks always for your love and support and prayers and letters. It means a lot! 

Hermana Hogge

Some goats outside the stake center and my companion's priceless reaction when they moved
(not staged) :)

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