Monday, February 9, 2015

4 months 23 days and Counting!

Well, this week was a long one, but I can barely believe it,s monday again. This last week we have been praying for and finding new people and I know it works, when we pray with faith, meaning we trust in His divine help and in the blessings He is already willing to give us if we but ask. 

This last week I learned that there ARE people in our rougher áreas. We went out to abrir la boca (open the mouth) . or talk to people while we walked to our appointments with people. On Wednesday we stopped to talk to some women outside a pulpería. As we were talking to them, one of the women became a lot more friendly when she learned we were Mormon missionaries. I guess she has a nephew that served a misión. But as we talked, her daughter walked up. Her name is Delmy and we've been teaching her almost every day. I believe she is one of those people who has been prepared. Except for the few rare questions, she listens intently and is very interested in learning mroe and is very giving, even though she herself doesn't have much. Yesterday she gave us nail polish. She's 23, but very childlike in a lot of ways.

We drove to a plac3e called Palomar on Saturday with our misión leader. He's one of the most dependable people I've coime to know and is definately the most active member in doing misión work. He was a convert to the church and was also the bishop. He's like a grandpa to us and on Saturday drove us to Palomar in a rickity old taxi that he borrowed from his brother. It was fun. He took us to meet a less active family that we didn't even know was there. It's hard to call them less active when they can't come to church because they're sick and live far away. But they are awesome. They also have pet squirrels with which I will get pictures before I leave, I've already decided.

Today, washing my clothes in a washing machine and doing zumba seemed weirder than washing clothes by hand  We're in the house of a member righ now, writing and eating costaca (i think that's what she said) which is basically a tortilla tosted with cinimon and sugar. Yummy.

As for our people, we lost Yuris. Can't find her, but hopefully we can this week. And Melissa has been hard to have time with, but we did stop by her work on her birthday.

This week's zone meeting was good but a bit hard learning that we aren't seeing as much success as a misión right now. But, with obedience and faith, I know we can change that.

I am very grateful to be here, in the part of the world, as a part of God's work with the people that I've met and learned from.

Love you all so much!!!! Pray with faith everyday and Heavenly Father will guide you every day!
Hermana Hogge

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