Monday, February 23, 2015

5 months!

It was a good, hot week here in Choluteca.
       Some special moments from this last week included a family home evening with a family and their family that aren´t members. We brought the lesson and there was a very good Spirit there. We`ve taught this family before, and though there wasn`t a ton of progress, we'll keep trying with them! We taught a lesson where we had everyone write down a few things that others had done for them and one thing that they would do for someone else. We also had enchiladas, which means a flat fried tortilla with chicken and lettus and chismol (basically salsa - tomatoes, onions, peppers). Bien rico. 

 We also visited the abuelo-grandpa of this family - you might remember I mentioned an abuela in the ward that passed away about a month ago, it was his wife - he's been getting along but the family seems worried about him, so we went to cheer him up with hymns and scriptures. 
  Yesterday in church we had two of our investigators come who are living with some memebers in our ward to go to school. Here the high school is called colegio and is two years, I think, for teenages 16 - 18, and they specialize in something like technology, computation, health, mechanics, etc. Anyway, one is about 13 and the other 16, but they`re good kids and its a good family. They are converts to the church and the son of this family will receive his mission call on Sunday! He`s come out with us a few times, and with the other hermanas. 

           I was also really proud of Melissa who is doing fine and participating in church! It made me happy, especially because I know she has read and understood the scriptures. The other day she told us that she was grateful because she didn't really have a secure direction in her life before, but she was grateful that we kept visiting her and kept visiting her. We also visited her abuela yesterday, whose been sick. 

Can't believe I have five months! I hit my five month mark on February 17th. It was. . . a normal  day. But it was good. 

But . . . what else? 

Oh yes, there was a Relief Society activity on Saturday, which was actually really fun. First there was a message about visiting teaching from the releif society stake president, which I understood almost all of, until she asked me a question and then. . . I suddenly didn't understand Spanish. But really, as a whole, the language is coming along a lot better. I can carry on a basic conversation or teach a lesson. But, i still put myself to study and read the Book of Mormon in Spanish, which helps. The rest of the activity included some singing and dancing and a "Miss Nueva Esperanza" in the ward, and the winner was none other than Hermana Pinita, who is a widow in the wad who is so cute and has such a strong testimony. I love her. We're going to go visit a less active member with her this week. 

           Today Hermana Arango and I practiced memorizing The Living Christ as we washed our clothes and then cooked chicken and rice with Hermana Woods and Hermana Mamani (the other Hermanas in our ward) in the house of our ward mission leader, Hermano Felipe. 

         One of our investigators that we were hoping to baptize this week looks like she doesn't want to learn with us anymore, so I got kind of discouraged about that, but she`s young and there`s still hope :) Every person has there time and Heavenly Father has a plan for everyone. How blessed we are to know what we know and to do what we do! 

          This might be the last full week I have in my area. I won't know for sure until next Tuesday, but I have a feeling that I`ve been in this area for a while. But whatever happens it will be the Lord's will for me. 

          I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way, and the only way, under Heaven that can bring us back to the presence of our Heavenly Father and let us dwell there with Him. 2 Nephi 31:21

          I know that Heavenly Father is never far away, that we are His children, and that He knows us personally and perfectly. Last night when we were visiting the abuela of Melissa we were talkign about the blessings and the evidence that we have all around us of this. Even though she isn't of our faith, she has a testimony of those things too, and it was a beautiful moment to share with her. I love all of you very much! Go have an awesome week, especially by focusing on Eternal blessings and goals. 

          Hermana Hogge

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