Monday, July 27, 2015

Honduran Chef Hermana Hogge

Hola! How are my beautiful family and all friends and loved ones?
It sounds  like there have been several adventures lately, and I hope that we can hold on to all the good memories. 

A lot of times I sit down at the computer and wonder - what on earth even happened this last week?!  

      Well, this last week, we have sitll been working with Maria and her cousin Claudia. Claudia isn´t quite ready for baptism yet, but I know that the Young Women´s program is good for her, and she´s learning a lot.

         It´s been good to work with the members this week. It´s a much better way to find and build up the ward. Through we´re still overcoming hurtles, we have a few activities planned and hope to go out with members more often this week. The young men and women of this branch I admire a lot for their willingness to help us. I wish I had been more like them. We visited a recent convert yesterday, a 16 year old young women named Michelle - we were talking about how sometimes it´s not very easy to endure to the end, but as we remembered the reason why we are members (and as I remembered why I am a missioary) you could see a little more hope return to her. She gave us four references - she´s already a missionary herself! The members often confide in us - it´s humbling even when returned missionaries ask for counsel. That kind of counsel always has to come by the spirit. 

           We´ve been talkign to so many people this week because we seriosly need more people to teach - it´s not an easy thing, but we have found some people. One is an elderly man named Bertilio. He´s been a little sick, but the good thing is he lives right next the church. He basically told us his whole live´s story - sometimes when they get going my ability to speack spanish seems to diminish a little. But, the language is much easier than it used to be. 

           We also had divisions this week - where we have an interchange with the sister training leaders - one comes to our area and one of us goes to their area. So, I got to go to la obrera with Hna Garcia - I haven´t been there in about 8 months. (which reminds me how much time has flied). We found a garrobo (big lizard) outside the apartment in the morning. Those thing are fast! They way they run is so funny. 

           One woman in the ward I really admire is the president of Relief Society. Hermana Toñita. She´s a very Christlike person - very forgiving and full of service. She is a firm believer that charity never faileth. She´s a convert of four years, and her brother is now investigating the church. (he doesn´t live in our area, but we´re excited for them both). On Saturday we helped her make food for a Releif Society activity, making cheese fingers. I heard they were in high demand. I also attemted to make tortillas this week - they turned out alright. I hope to improve my honduran cooking skills before I get back. 

What a beautiful day we had at the temple!! I wish we could go there more often, but I was grateful for the oportunity. The feeling of peace is the same no matter which temple you attend, no less in Tegucigalpa. I love it! 

It was a beautiful night that we had with hermanita Maria (obvioulsy she´s the one in white) and, again, sorry I couldn´t get pictures to you earlier. But, here we are - Tada! Me, Claudia (Maria´s cousin, that we´re also teaching) Maria, and Hermana Aguiñada. They both are progressing a lot, and we´re very happy for them.  ---- Yo, Claudia, Maria, y Hermana Aguiñada, en el bautismo de Maria - estuvo muy bonito. Ellas estan progresando mucho. Les amamos, tenga una feliz semana! ----- 

           I love you all very much and hope and pray that you are all safe and have a wonderful week. Remember that the love of our Savior is always there for you, whenever you need it. It just blows my mind sometimes how much He loves us. But I am absolutely certain he does. He really does. I love you all, and hope you have an awesome day!

       Hermana Hogge

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