Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Good Week

This was taken a few weeks ago and I like it a lot. I've loved all my companions here,
Hermana Ferman, Me (I hope you haven't forgotten what I look like), Hermana Platero,
and Hermana Aguinada. It's special because I've trained them. My daughters :)
Only missing Hermana Dubon, but I'll send another picture with her in it.
 Buenas Tardes! Hello everyone, I´m happy to be able to receive emails from all of you and hear updates on the family. It´s always very important for me to hear.

        Well, this week has been an interesting one, as my companion has been getting to know the area and I´ve been doing my best to guide us around. Hermana Dubon and I get along well. I imagine it´s not easy being a mini missionary, but she does it well, and we´ve been able to accomplish it a lot. 

        This last week, well, I got a little sick and had to take a few days to just rest. I went to Tegus just to have a check up and make sure that nothing was wrong (and nothing is) but it was interesting on our way there we had the opportunity to talk to a gentlemen sitting in front of us on the bus. After we sat down he turned and asked ¨you´re Mormons aren´t you?¨ We said yes and were able to talk to him a little about the church. He had visited with the Elders before, but was still interested enough to talk to us. I had a pamplet of the Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith with me and  gave it to him - he fortunately has a quality that I don´t, which is the ability to read on the bus without getting sick. He read the entire pamphlet, occasionally turning around to make a comment or ask a question, like ¨Wow, so Joseph Smith was only fourteen years old!¨ or ¨This was in the year 1820!¨, and ¨Who is Moroni?¨ We did our best to answer his questions and encourage him to read the Book of Mormon that the missionaries had given him. He´s one of those peole whose progress we can´t follow very much but I wish that we could. 

          We have been able to see progress in other investigators. Rachel and Sodgi, the two girls coming to church with us, also invited their sister Katerine to come to church and she came with us as well. They have the desire to be baptized, so we´re trying to help prepare them before the end of this month. The Lopez family is doing well, still interested, but haven´t been able to come to church, and our meetings with them aren´t as frequent as I would like. Still, they now have the scriptures in their hands and want to read them. So, keep them in your prayers. 

           This week we also ran into an hermano that we had contacted before - something that I´m sure was divine design, because he really needs the light of the gospel in his life. He´s not sure if God even exists or loves him. I am grateful that I know He loves us, so much. He loves us even if we doubt he does. Sometimes we feel He might not be there because we haven´t seen an answer, or the answer we want. But answers always come, I know they do. 

             In the limited time we´ve had to work we´ve been able to see blessings - and in the time I was able to rest as well. I read a lot of the book Our Heritage, which is a brief history of the church and a great reminder of how small my problems really are. We truly do have a great heritage - in the church and within our own family. I love sharing the stories about our ancestors, and I´m grateful to the missionaries that knocked on their doors. 

 Here is my other daughter, Hermana Dubon in a cave in Amapala.

             Well, not much else is new. Ever hot and occasionally stormy, Nacaome is as busy as every but some people in Nacaome are listening to a still, small voice. I hope that we can all take time to listen to that voice. 

             ok I love you all and wish an AWESOME WEEK! Thank you again for always being so great and supportive!

Hermana Hogge

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