Monday, September 14, 2015

Singing... and the Rain

This last week was a good one, I´ll say.  Here in Nacaome it´s been - first, hot, and then, rainy. Really rainy. But now it has cleared up. 

        So, our young women Rachel and Sodgi are reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church and everything - the last time we talked about baptism they said they still didn´t feel prepared, but we´ll see how things go this week. They´re doing well though. We´ve also been able to - sometimes quite miraculously - find new poeple to teach as well. President Bowler, amond other chapters of preach my gospel, had us read Lucas 15 in the New Testament, which I highly recommend. But it helped remind me that we are here to find and help and bring back those that have been lost - investigators, less actives, and members that need to be fortified in their testimonies. 

         The first one we found was an inactive member. We don´t understand all the reasons for why people leave the church, but I do know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of His children becuase he put us in this young man´s path, who wasn´t coming to church but in a short time, came back, and has desires to serve a mission. 

         Another was Hermano Castillo. One day we were walking along, an appointment fell through, so we contacted a man outside his house. He turns out to be a former investigator - he studied a lot with other hermanas last year, but for his legs could not attend church. Now his legs have healed up, though he still depends on crutches. We´ve began teaching him again, and he said he would come to church. He came. On his crutches and everything (and he´s not that young either) but he came. I was in awe.  Another interesting thing was that - the first time we met him, my companion accidentily left her triple there. For a few days we had no idea where it was! But, when we found it, Hermano Castillo not only gave it back, but had put a plastic protector on it so it wouldn´t get damaged. He´s a very caring person. 

           Yesterday was also a very interesting day - and another testimony to me that Heavenly Father always knows best. We were in a lesson with a member. She´s great, but tends to talk a lot, and my mind had to work in double - being there for her, but also recognizing that there were other people waiting for us. But suddenly I had a very strong feeling bout that thought - there was someone waiting for us Right In That Moment. So I asked, Where? and I felt that the answer was The park. So as soon as we could wrap up the lesson, I tapped my companion and said, We´re going to the park right now. (except, I said in Spanish) With promptings we´re not always 100 percent sure - that´s why they require faith. But I felt sure that we had to try.

         We got to the park and contacted the first people we talked to - which lead to a conversation that left me feeling humbled. We began talking about the church and she said she had talked to me and my former companion before, but we never passed by. At first I didn´t recognize her. But then I realized she was right. For whatever reason Hermana Aguiñada and I couldn´t meet her, but Heavenly Father was telling me that I needed to pay more attention, that she was ready to listen to us. So, we´ll be passing by on Sunday. 

          Many missionary experiences are wonderful. But sometimes they´re also embarrassing. Like, this week we were riding the bus, and there were no seats so we had to stand. But if one happens to not be holding on well enough, then if the bus slows down suddenly, then one might just go flying into the cobrador (the man that takes the money). Not that I speak from experience. 

         On Wednesday it started to get a little rainy, the power in and out (fortunately in right now - and I hope I didn´t just jinx us) but yesterday was a storm. It started coming down really hard and we got caught in it, more than once. But it was fun. And then today we went and played water games with our zone. So I haven´t been dry since Friday, basically. 

Not exactly a glamour shot of me, but that´s ok. The point is, we got wet in the storm. And that´s my apartment. It´s cute. So that´s all.
          And, well, this week on Thursday I´ll be completing a year, which is really weird. But thanks to all those who have congratulated and well, congrats to all of you to, for being supportive during all this time.  I love you all. I may not have changed that much, but in many ways I feel like I have changed. I feel closer to God, and I better understand His doctrine. I definately don´t regret coming out here, even though there have been a few times when I had doubts. So, thanks all of you, for all you do. 

I love you all so much,
         Hermana Hogge

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