Tuesday, March 17, 2015

6 Month Mark

I can't believe tomorrow is my 6 month mark! But it's true and I am very grateful. Hermana Araujo and I are working hard - this is area is different than what I am used to. Its busier and less open but we have still been blessed to find people. 

The familia that i told you about is Hermano Eugenio and Hermana Mirta - they're children are grown but they and the gramdkids join us in lessons often. They are amazing. They,ve been investigsting the church for a while and i am fortunate to be here with them. They sre more than ready but wont be baptized until April. I love them very much - the other day we had a family home evening and taught about the temple and eternal familied. It was very worth it to learn about my ancestors before coming here. 
Here, we walk -hike- hills every day. Sometimes we take moto taxis which are these small red cars more or less that can only fit three people in the back and the driver up front. Its fun, too bad we csnt take them everywhere.

We have two grest ward missionaries thst are yooung women but sniw us ariund everywhere. 
I got the package thak you so much! Love you,

hermana hogge

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