Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hello Santa Lucia!

So we received a VERY quick email from Sister Hogge yesterday. And she was obviously in a hurry! I debated whether or not to fix her typos, but figured everyone deserves to see how endearing it is. :) 

Well i justo want allí of you to know that things are going well, even though i was nervous wednesday not knowing where i was going por who i woulf be with. Some poeple were hard to say goodbye toó, but chsnges are a part of the mission - so here i am un Santa Lucia with Hermana Araujo. She es súper fin, es from Paraguay and justo finished being trained. This área is beautiful with a small lagoon and stone pathways. It is next to Tegus and higher up so its comer (this translates to "eat" in spanish, but we think she means cooler?) and has lotes of hills . We have a family that es ver y positive , but km still gwtting to know everyine so i will havw more detalles in the fiture. I lo ve you allí and hope you have a great week.

:) It made us smile. 

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