Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Remembering our Savior

Dearest Friends and Family!

          It´s a special time of year, as we recognize, remember, commemorate and celebrate the last week of the Savior´s early ministry, His Atonement, and His Resurrection. 

           Lately in my studies I´ve been trying to learn something about the Atonement everyday. Knowledge about something so important and infinate doesn´t come all at once. But, I know that as we make an effort to learn about Him, we will be blessed. I´ve been able to see a bit of the traditions of other religions for Semana Santa (Holy Week) Yesterday many people were gathered with palm fronds, more or less, for Palm Sunday. It was really interesting to walk past on our way to church. But I was even happier in the chapel because all of the talks and classes were focused on Him and His atonement.

           Well, this week was interesting because we spent more time indoors than we had planned because my companion was still sick and a few days it was enough that she needed to just rest. There was that and a few other disappiontments, but overall it was a good week. I´ve learned a little more about caring for the sick and being a better companion. At least I hope so. You might have to ask Hna Araujo. 

         We were also blessed to watch the Women´s General Conference, which was amazing. I like the example in the first talk about the two cans, one empty, one full. When you squeeze the empty can, it crumples, but when you squeeze the full can it isn´t effected. Sister Esplin compared it to us and filling our lives with the Spirit so that we can withstand temptations and trials. Sometimes we might feel like the empty can when times are hard, I thought, but really if we are doing our part to fill our lives with good things, we will have the Lord on our side in every moment. I know that might sound very missionary-ish but I say that because I know it´s true with all my heart. It was fun because we watched it with the other hermanas and when we walked home we were singing Lead Kindly Light because it was dark and I lead with a flashlight. It was really funny. 

           I´m really excited for this weekend becuase of 2 main reason. One is General Conference, and the other is that Hermano  Eugenio, from the familia Doblado that I always talk about, will be baptized this week!! His wife probably won´t be this week but will be baptized in the coming weeks. They´re amazing. We watched the new video Gracias que El Vive (Because He Lives) with them yesterday. We also had another lesson with a new investigator last night in the house of a member and even though he doesn´t seem sure about joineing the church, we had a very spiritual family home evening message centered in Jesus Christ and the Atonement. 

          Sometimes I don´t really know what else to tell you about. We took a bus to an activity with our district and made food and watched Epic and played a little football. We have to take a bus to pretty much everything outside of Santa Lucia. There isn´t a supermarket here so we do most of our shopping in Tegus. Fortunately there´s a ciber (like an internet cafe) here and pulperias to buy the basics.  

       I often carry my pictures of the family with me to show to members when they ask about my family. They always tell me what a good looking family I have. Normally they think I have three sisters (that´s you Mom!) Glad that Mom and Dad had a good time on their trip and, becuase I forgot to congratulate you earlier, happy (late) anniversary! 

        Love you all so much!
        Hermana Hogge

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