Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day Skype call 05.10.2015
First of all, it was such a wonderful blessing to get to talk to my wonderful family yesterday! I love you all so much. But I have to say it was a good thing we said goodbye when we did. Two minutes later the power went out here and the other hermanas lost their connection. We think it was Heavenly Father telling us He gave us our time and we needed to wrap it up :) 

        Here in Santa Lucia we keep on working. The whole mission is working harder and we hope that we will be able to find the poeple that are ready for us and help them to be baptized soon. Speaking of which, Heidy was able to attend church for the first time yesterday! It was fun - we passed by for her and swapped scary stories on the way to the church . . . maybe a different way of approaching it, but it was fun.  Our branch had a cute little mother´s day celebration after church with music and a little food. We had to warn the investigators that not every Sunday was like this, but the Spirit is always the same. 

         It is interesting how the Spirit works. In the morning, I pray for specific blessings -  I´ve noticed how the Savior has counceled us to pray that we can be able to resist temptations. It doesn't matter where or who we are, temptations will always come, and when we pray for help, it will be given. And we´ll realize we can be braver, more humble, more patient, more loving, and more faithful than we were before. Little by little, we´ll see a change. But it only comes through prayers and constantly trying to be worthy of and follow the Spirit. Even now sometimes it´s still harder to talk to people on the street or on the bus, but it´s never impossible. 

          We had divisions this week on tuesday and wednesday and that was really great (where one of the sister training leaders comes here and one of us leaves for their area for a day). So I got to know the area La Esperanza in Tegucigalpa for a day. Its´funny because both of the hermanas have the last name Garcia and I was with the one that trained my companion from the CCM (MTC). I learned a lot from her, including about the authority that we as missionaries have.It´s really amazing, when you understand it. 

          Funny story time. The other day we were teaching one of our investigators - our good old friend Pablo. He´s always willing to say the closing prayer, he´s given up coffee and promised to pay his tithing. But either It´s still hard for people to understand my Spanish, or he`s getting a little deaf becuase as we wrapped up the lesson the other day and I asked how his personal prayers we`re coming along - he took off his hat and started to pray then and there. Hermana Plater and I were struggling not to laugh the whole time! It was funny. We hope that we can see his baptism this coming June. 

           Overall, the language is coming along. Sometimes there are words that still trip me up - and it´s interesting because with every companion I almost feel like I have to learn a whole new vocabulary, because ever culture has different words for things. Hermana Platero has to practically play catch phrase with me so I can understand what she´s saying - if the first word doesn´t do it, I can get it on the third or fourth. 

           But, whenever discouraged about the language or anythign else, we can always sing a hymn or have a race up the hills of Santa Lucia. Sometimes we laugh if we´re riding on the bus and accidentily catch oursleves humming to the tune of a popular song, look at each other, and then switch to singing I am a Child of God.  But it´s true, songs help a lot. And remembering who we are, and who the people around us are, will help us be better people. 

           Though a little far from all of you, my testimony about eternal families has grown. I couldn´t help yesterday but feel very excited for the spirit in Heaven that will join our family soon, and he or she couldn´t ask for better parents - Congratulations Bryan and Annette and all the family!  

             I love you all so so much!


             Hermana Hogge

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