Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Rainy Season

This last week was very interesting as the rainy season has officially begun for pretty much all of Honduras as far as I know. Before the rainy season so many people burn garbage and there have been many fires (nothing too close, but there was a lot of smoke) so I`m glad that`s over. Now the weather and the air is cleaner and cooler. And we might have gotten wet a few times. Just a little. 

         This week we have been trying to put more in practice what we learned from Elder Ochoa. It hasn't been easy but we've found a few people that look positive. Heidy continues to progress, but there's a small problem that her parents don't really want her to be baptized. So that's a bit difficult. Prayers for Heidy please! We know everything will turn out alright if we just have faith. We don't know when, but blessings always come. 

          It's like the storm we walked home in the other day. Seriously it was a downpour and we walked home in a river up to our ankles. But, at least its not that cold, we had fun, and in the morning, it was all sunny and pretty. 

           Elder Ochoa (form the 70 that spoke to us the other week) challenged us to look up scriptures of faith that inspire us and I`d like to share one that has helped me this week that is from Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"  That and the class on Sunday helped me understand that to have faith, we need to be visionary. We need to put in practice the ability to imagine the things we cannot yet see - physically. Faith is a universal power. With faith, all things were created, because everything was created spiritually before it was created physically. 

Remembering that I try to imagine the people we talk to in the street and waiting for buses entering the temple one day. I received some news from Hermana Arango that one investigator that we had was baptized and preparing to receive the priesthood. It was hard to teach him for the majority of our time there because we taught him in the house of a friend, and he had work. But everything paid off. Testimonies can really make a difference. 

           The testimonies of this week in sacrament meeting really touched me. Every week we are blessed, but fast and testimony meetings can be something really special. We strengthen each other through our testimonies. Also something really speacial this week was that Hermano Eugenio was able to bless the sacrament. I almost cried. 

             Well, getting to the part that`s important to know next week. We will be skyping in our mission leader`s house at 6 here. Which would be five for you all (I think, right?) Anyway. He should have enough computers or other divices for the four of us but if not I`ll let you know and we`ll be talking 40 minutes later. Sound good? Ok.  I love you all and I hope everyone is doing well. Congratulations Ally on your graduation!!!! I hope it was something special. I`m so proud of you. 

           I love you all and hope this week is a good one.  I just want to extend one challenge to look up a scripture that strengthens your faith. I know it helps. 

          Love, Hermana Hogge 

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