Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Good Week

This last week was a good one, which a lot of opportunity to reflect on the things I´ve learned. 
We had a good family home evening with a member family on Thursday night and we were able to invite Hermano Pablo, our investigator. He´s progressing a lot, and I hope he continues to progress. I know there´s a time for everyone. We have a lot of hope for him. There are always challenges, but I like something that my companion often says, that we are here to be tested, to see how obedient we are (like it says in Abraham 3)

On Friday we went to one of the neighborhoods in our area and were blessed to find some people - some less active members and an old investigator that we hope can progress. She had been reading the book of mormon, which is always a good sign :) She´s a very giving person - she even gave me a pair of shoes (they´re like crocs so I don´t use them to go out but they´re great for in the house).  That night was also interesting because the power went out in Santa Lucia.  Thankfully we were the four of us together and had flashlights, and then we also had to plan by flashlight. It was interesting, but kind of fun. 
Changes are coming up this week, but it´s not likely that I or Hermana Platero will leave - but one never knows. There are always greater plans that we can´t see. 

I´d like to share a scripture that I found in Alma 18:35 And a portion of htat Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge, and also pwoer according to my faith and desires which are in God. 

I´d like to share my testimony that we can find strength in the scriptures and in the experiences we have. 
I know Heavenly Father puts people in our path. Today for example, I suggested to my companion that I show her a part of our area where it´s nice to take pictures. She agreed and we climbed up the stairs. We talked to an elderly man - but he didn´t really want to talk to us. But, later we met some young adults who were visiting Santa Lucia. They were interested in what we had to share and even though they live in Tegucigalpa, we can be a small part in their journey of knowing more about the gospel. 

There´s a lot I still have to learn, but what I´ve been learning over and over here is the need to follow the Spirit. Without that gift, we can do nothing. It is essential in conversion becasue it is only through the power of the Spirit that hearts can be changed. I testify that power is real, and changes lives. I love you all and thank you for your prayers and support. You are all so important to me. 

We went to an hermana´s house today for lunch, also to say goodbye to one hermana that will be leaving. These are most of the hermanas in our zone and Hermana Sonia (the hermana in purple) and her niece and daughter.

Hermana Platero y la cruz‏


Hermana Hogge

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