Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Reaching Goals & Making Progress

Sending our sister Ally a
HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Honduras!
This week has been full of a lot of blessings. I´m grateful to be here - there was a rumor suposedly that I got sick and went home - I don´t know how that happened. My old companion Hermana Araujo told me. But, nope. I´m healthy and, thankfully, still here. 
         This time is exciting because we feel that we´re getting closer to reaching many of our goals. We have investigators that are progressing toward baptism and we hope we will see some this month. There are always challenges, but in the end that can make the conversion more lasting. Hermano Pablo went to church on Sunday. We´re grateful to have other members of the ward to help us teach him.One is Hermano Ismael, also a grandfatherly age (but he still climbs mountains better than both of us). He´s great because he makes sure the hermanas get home safely. 

          On Thursday we had an interesting experience. We were walking, an appointment had fallen through, and we were hoping to be able to contact people in the street. Suddenly we see a woman carrying a heavy bag and a load of grass (for horses). We offered our help, and when we got to her house she invited us in. We began talking to her, thinking she could be a positive investigator, but then - surprise - she told us she was already a member. She´d been living here for a few months but doesn´t know where the church is. That was an interesting surprise, but we believe Heavenly Father helped us find her. There was also a little girl there (a niece I think), about 11 years old, who told us that she goes to an evangelical church, but wants to be a nun, and also wanted to go with the hermana to our church ...  So that was interesting. We didn´t really know what to say (congratulations?) But I suppose it´s good that she has desires to serve the Lord at such a young age. 

           This Sunday was very spiritual. I was surprised and saddened by the news about Elder Perry. I know we´ll all miss him, and we can follow his example of service and sacrifice. On Sunday we also had a very good lesson about the Sabbath Day. It´s something I´m learning more and more about - we´d shared from Doctrine and Covenants 59 before with investigators and members, but I didn´t understand it as well as I should have. But I understand now that as our Father in Heaven is our example and Creator, even He rested on the seventh day, and we can have the goal to do the same. I have a few things I need to change. But it´s been a good lesson to learn. 

        Today we were talking to our investigator who is the daughter of hermano Eugenio y hermana Mirta - she has a son who has also been coming to church, and apparantly Meet the Mormons is in theaters here and he wants to go. I´m really happy with the progress we have been blessed to see in this family. I know that they are working to be an eternal family. 

         I love all of you very much!! We are so blessed to have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. I know that it´s true, and there isn´t anything more important than finding that out for ourselves and following Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon and I testify that if we read it we will feel closer to our Heavenly Father.   
Celebrating the 2 month mark of Hermana Platero

         Keep being amazing!! 
          Hermana Hogge

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