Monday, June 8, 2015

Beloved, Foggy Santa Lucia

This week was very - how shall I put it? - wet. Right now it´s raining. I think we can relate to the weather in Utah right now. Thankfully we always try to be prepared with waterproof jackets and umbrellas. So far, that´s helped us stay dryer. With the rain has also come a ton of little black moths that fallow you around and try to get in your hair and clothes. So that´s been interesting.  

        The rain has made Santa Lucia very pretty, especially in the morning with lots of fog.  And even though some of the roads, especailly when we have to go up the mountain, are slick and muddy, we keep marching on. Sometimes we slip and fall on our bums (ok, that was just me) but we just have to get up again. There might be one part of the mountain that´s more steep than others. Thankfully I had my companion and un hermano from the branch there and I didn´t get hurt. 

          It´s interesting the different ways you can meet people. Sometimes we go to this one house that sells paletas - which are more or less ice cream bars or popsicles. And it turns out the woman there had received the missionaries before. She doesn´t have any interest in coming to church, because she asists her church and wants us to respect that, but she´s a nice lady and even gave us a little food to take home with us. 

         On Tuesday we made pizza with a less active family. I feel like we´ve been able to gain more trust with them and we hope to see blessings for them soon. It´s so important to keep the sabbath day - it´s something so simple but something our Father in Heaven has given us to keep us focused on Him. We have seen blessings with another less active family - almost all of them went to church, and what´s more, they brought a cousin with them whose not a member. That made us really happy. 

          On Sunday we made plans to visit people, including some that we had contacted in the street to visit - but almost all of our plans fell through. So, before we left the apt after lunch, we were praying about what to do.  We weren´t sure, even ater the prayer and talking about it, but we felt the need to visit an investigator that we normally visit on fridays. It was a little out of the way, but we decided to go for it. And, to our surprise, she wasn´t even home. But, outside we met her uncle.  We began talking to him and he said he wasn´t attending a church but had been praying for direction - we taught him that he was an answer to our prayers and that we were an answer to his.  We hope to continue to teach him and his family - he has a wife and four little kids. I know the Lord answers prayers and when we act with faith, he will bless us. And I know that the worth of every soul is great in the eyes of God.

          I´m glad because I get along with my companion. The mission isn´t always easy (see paragraph 1) but we learn how to lift eachother up. And I´m always grateful for all of your support. know that your prayers and emails help me a lot. I love you all so much, and am grateful you were able to get out and have a good weekend and I hope you have a good week. 

         Hermana Hogge

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