Monday, June 29, 2015

Do you know how rare you are?

So, not much happened this week.  

      Haha, Just kidding. This week was so full!!

      It hasn´t been raining as much, but sometimes its still been pretty cool. But that´s fine by me. I really like this area, even if it´s a little tougher. I wonder if I´ll stay here, changes are in two weeks. But who knows? 

        On Wednesday, I hit my halfway mark, and we celebrated a little, because it was also the birthday of another hermana misionera. Pictures will come. Part of me can´t believe it, but another part of me can - I´ve felt my time here. 

         On Friday we had interviews with President Bowler. While interviews are very personal, and most details will be saved for later, I felt like sharing something that President Bowler asked me: "Do you know how rare you are?"  He reminded me of something very true. That I have been blessed to be born in the country that I was, in a relatively safe place with religious freedom. I was blessed to be born in the time that I was, with many modern blessings, and to live in a time when the truth has been restored to the earth. I was blessed that this gospel was shared with my ancestors and that people in my family have been faithful and that I was born to good parents that taught me the gospel.  I don´t know all the reasons why, but I´m grateful. I want to share these blessings with all, and sometimes it´s difficult when they don´t accept it - the message or aren´t willing to make changes. But the Savior too was rejected, much mor than I was. And I love and respect Him for that. Though difficult at times, I know that the Savior is with me and I have also known and felt great joy. 

         This week was also a lot about getting Luz ready for her baptism. And let me tell you it was one of the most beautiful baptisms I´ve ever witnessed. I have loved every single one. But this was something special. Over two months after Hermano Eugenio and Hermana Mirta were baptized together, and have remained faithful in the church, Hermano Eugenio had the oportunity to baptize his daughter Luz. That was such a happy moment. Even though it was a bit of a struggle to get all of Luz under the water, I almost cried for joy. As Luz shared in her testimony after, things happen that we can´t even imagine. And it is wonderful. We hope that the familia Dobaldo will continue to grow in the gospel and they will one day be able to be sealed together for eternity. 

          We were blessed to receive a senior couple in our mission. Hermana Oldroyd will be helping wiht the medical side of things and Elder Oldroyd with the housing side. They´re really great, and I really admire them. 

          Well, with some of the other people we´ve found and taught - we´re still working on teaching them and I´ll let you know how things go. 

          I suppose that´s all except one great big HAPPY FATHER´S DAY DAD!!! And Happy Father´s Day to all the fathers! Thanks for being so great. We love you all so much.

​Hermana Vicente and I had a feliz cumpleanos y feliz cumplemes (9 months!) so, we had a little celebration with chilakiles and cake! and that´s Hermana Juarez. My companion took the picture. It was a good day.

           Have a great week, especially my family, I´m so glad you are having a great time. But thank you for also supporting me and being happy that I´m here. I love you all and hope that you have fun, stay safe, and learn new things. 

           Hasta luego,
            Hermana Hogge

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