Monday, June 15, 2015

You can do this. He will help you.

It´s been a very blessed, interesting week. I´ve tried to learn a lot in these past months, and as we often don´t learn the lesson right the first time, we have to relearn them. But I know that if we really concentrate on our goals, Heavenly Father will help us find the strength, even if we ourselves feel week sometimes. 

         It´s been raining almost every afternoon-night here. Sometimes it has rained so hard at night, I was glad I was inside! The rain jacket and boots and umbrella have come in handy. And I´m grateful.

          On Wednesday, we found some new people to teach. We´re always talking to new people, but one day a few weeks back we met some boys, ages 15 and 13. We helped them take the bus home, but until Wednesday we didn´t see them again. When we met them we asked them if we could return later to their home, if their mother would be ok with that. Positively they said yes, and so we returned later. Their mother opened the door and invited us in. As we walked in I looked at the table and my next thought was How did the Book of Mormon make it here before us?. I nudged my companion and gestered at the book frantically as the woman, Maria, grabbed a chair. As it turns out she had received missionaries before, had even gone to church. The truth is this area was closed, there used to be 6 hermanas in Santa Lucia, but now the four of us are sharing the old area. This little family lost contact of the missionaries, but we hope to help them find the gospel again. 

            On Saturday, we went to an hermana´s home and Hermana Platero taught us how to make pupusas, which is like a thick tortilla with meet and cheese in the middle. They can be really good, but as it was the first time that I and the other hermana had attempted it - it was a bit of a fiasco, but we had a good laugh as the house filled with smoke :) 

            Aaaaand for the best news of the week, of the month, and one of the best of the whole year is that the daughter of Hermano Eugenio and Hermana Mirta, Luz, is going to be baptized this week!!  Yay! She was decided, then undecided about a date, but now is decided agian. She´s been going to church since Conference,  is inteligent and dedicated, and we´re so excited for her. She´s 17 years old and has even been inviting a friend to church. Luz in Spanish means light. Also, we hope to see the baptism of the grandson of Eugenio y Mirta soon as well, his name is Cris and he´s 12. He went and saw the movie Meet the Mormons, has been attending church a lot as well, and his mother told us he wants to serve a mision when he gets older. I love this family a lot, and I love my family a lot. But I know I was ment to be here, so that they too can be an eternal family. Little by little the whole family has been getting involved, and although there are a few that haven´t been very interested, I know that in the future they will have many opportunities to ask for themselves. 

           Heavenly Father has really helped me work on my goals. Like I´ve said, He is always here to teach us and guide us. He wants us to do the right thing. Recently he´s helped me have the strength to be more positive through times of discouragement. 

          I know this gospel changes lives. I know a lot of the time I´ve been focused on MY responisibilites and what I need to do and all that. That´s important. But it´s the GOSPEL that changes lives. It´s the Spirit that changes hearts. I know that all the eloquency and inteligence of the world can´t brign about the change that the Savior can. I know that this gospel is true, it´s truths have been restored, and the church has been organized according to Heavenly Father´s will. 

          About 8 1/2 months ago I was in the CCM (MTC) watching a talk given by Elder Bednar. "You can do this. He will help you." And He has helped me. I´m weak, but He helps me be strong. I know He will do the same for anyone. 

          I love you all so mcuh and hope you have a wonderful week!

          Hermana Hogge

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