Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Singing on the Bus

So this week was normal, with some dissapointments, but that means we just have to learn something from it.

One of the most exciting things that happened was that on Thursday after our district meeting, we four hermanas decided to do something that we hadn´t ever done before, something that Elder Ochoa had invited us to do.. We sang on the bus. 

In front of everyone, it might have been a bit scary, but I wanted to do it because we want to find people. We didn´t get any references from it, and people couldn´t really hear us very well, but that´s ok. It won´t  be the last time we do it. I hope we can find more people in the future. We´re always trying to find the lost sheep, as my companion always says. Lucas15 is one of my favorite chapters of the Bible, all parables about finding that which was lost - and rejoicing. 

We also learned a good lesson from Mark 10: 17 - 22. It´s the tale of the rich yong ruler. Isn´t it intersting that he doesn´t have a name? An hermana shared that lesson with us, and asked us to think about what we might be lacking - not to make us sad, like the rich young ruler was, but to help us to follow the Savior.
I wish you all a good week! I love you family! you´re so important to me. 

Oh, and Mom, I got a haircut, just so you know my hair is healthy. Love you so much !

The other hermanas surprised me with a little happy 8 months! Feels kind of weird,
but it´s been a good ride!


Hermana Hogge

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